Tomas Halgas

And his illimitable philomathy

Current Commitments


Founder and CTO

Scaling, infra, AI/ML, building a team at a stealthy company. Stay tuned for public reveal!

Past Projects and Experience


Worked full-time as a Facebook Engineer/Data Scientist. Improved Instagram spam filters and the Facebook ad-managing tools.

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ENFrame Researcher

Research at the University of Oxford: developing a new programming framework to bridge the gap between Probabilistic Programming and Probabilistic Databases with Dan Olteanu.

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Oxford Student

Graduated with the title of MMathCompSci - Master of Mathematics and Computer Science at University College, University of Oxford.

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Mensa Member

Encouraging research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence at Mensa, the high IQ society.

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TEDx Speaker

Gave a talk at TEDxYouth Bratislava on the presence and importance of Artificial Intelligence in our society.

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DeedMob Co-founder

Developing an online platform to help the Oxford and global community.

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OxTET President

Organising, managing and overseeing speaker events on the topics of transhumanism, life extension, emerging technologies, augmented reality, systemic failures, cognitive enhancement and more in the Oxford Transhumanism & Emerging Technologies.

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VERSA News Writer

Writing news for a popular pro-free-speech student website. Topics of interest include study drugs, student politics and education efficiency.

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FB Campus Ambassador

Organising events, serving as the contact point for University of Oxford students interested in working for Facebook.

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OE Department Head

Director of Constructive Events responsible for organising workshops and meetups at the Oxford Entrepreneurs - the world's largest student-run entrepreneurial society.

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OxHack Organiser

Organising Oxford's largest hackathon - together with Taimur and the Oxford Entrepreneurs.

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Serendipity Co-founder

Spreading knowledge via weekly doses of curiosity - working in a team of highly motivated scientists to produce catchy headlines and articles.

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OUSS Treasurer

Managing finances of the Oxford University Scientific Society - the oldest student-run scientific society in the world.

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Oxford Inspires co-Organiser

On the organising team of the largest entrepreneurship conference in Oxford. Takes place every year in early spring.

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Queueing Study

Used the Anglican probabilistic programming framework to simulate student queueing behaviour. The aim was to quantify the students' wasted time when the University College buttery opens late.

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Growth Intern

Completed the Forbes best internship for 2014 as a Growth hacker in the Facebook Headquarters. Researched friending to improve friend recommendations.

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Kairos Society Fellow

Tackling our world’s biggest problems through entrepreneurship and innovation as a Fellow of the Kairos Society

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Galileo Special Lecturer

Spreading the knowledge and enthusiasm about various technology topics among high-school students of Galileo School

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Learn to Code for Women

Prepared and lead a Learn to Code workshop specifically designed for the audience of the Oxford Women in Business society (OxWIB). Twice.

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OE Fort logo

OE Fort Head Engineer

Head engineer of Oxford Entrepreneurs Fort, a free service that connects starting entrepreneurs and VCs - together with Taimur.

College Family Visualisation

Visualisation of the University College family tree using the beautiful D3 JavaScript library

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Learn to Code Workshops

Designing and leading workshops to teach people of a wide range of skillsets how to code their own websites, covering the basics, Rails backend and the beauties of bootstrapping together with Sam and Owen

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Auto-Emailing System

Red Gate backend-internship project: Design and development of an auto-emailing system for transactional emails for a cloud-storage-management tool. Included were design of system attributes, engineering the server and connection, composing emails to reach the customers

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API & Ruby Gem for 3rd-Party Devs

Lexity (now Yahoo! Commerce Central) backend-internship project: Developed the base of an API and a Ruby gem to enable 3rd party app development for the awesome Lexity marketing platform

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OxTET Logos and Marketing

Design and marketing for the Oxford Transhumanism & Emerging Technologies society

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FFFF logo

Fone Function For Firms

Internal reminder system for Red Gate that automatically synchronises with the company's meeting database and reminds people solely via cellular network. The project has been awarded a Red Gate Down-Tools-Week prize

Galileo School Front Page

A nice, simple, clear intro page for the Galileo School website and a summer school signup system built from scratch.

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Very Educational Pages

A very early creation, yet still in use: a simple homework-helping website

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Interests = Future Projects

Artificial Intelligence

Tons of possible applications to everyday lives + the big goal: a conscious machine. Currently downloading the knowledge from the University of Oxford

Machine Learning

Feature recognition and categorising our ideas and percepts seems so natural to us, but explain that to a machine! That's what I'm trying to do at the University of Oxford


A human is awesome... but with WiFi even better! Plant an Internet chip into me and call me a superhuman. I believe in a technohuman future and the Singularity. As a president of OxTET, I spread the latest news, spark ideas and debates and I am looking to contribute to the trend

Algorithms & Computation

Think of anything you want to accomplish. Can you do it? Is it possible at all? How? How fast? Leads to automatisation and a better understanding of the world in general. Computing it at the University of Oxford

Game Theory and Statistics

Life is a game - a probabilistic one as far as our limited perception goes. Figuring out the optimal strategies at the University of Oxford and Coursera (scored 100% on one of the courses)


The truth and perfection in its purest form. Beautiful, constant, yet still deep and mysterious. Makes me tick at the University of Oxford


Nature has had so much time to figure stuff out - why reinvent consciousness from scratch? Training my neurons at EdX

Moral Theory

What is the right thing to do? It's much harder to answer than I previously thought. Read 2 books, about 10 essays, done a course on EdX and still going


We can easily identify irrational behaviour and we often criticise it - so why do we still practice it? Passed an awesome course on Coursera (and read all the books) by Dan Ariely

Travelling & Languages

Think of anything that could happen - it's probably happening somewhere in the world right now. I keep thinking about really cool stuff and I want to see all of it and talk to the people involved. Visited 50+ countries, speak 5+ languages

Dance Sport

Best of humanity's elegance and passion, dance sport, keeps me fit. I won the 3rd and 4th places in beginners' Quickstep and Waltz in Blackpool and I am up for more

Cocktail Mixology

I hate alcohol... but I love the taste of an olive-infused Dry-Gin Martini or a fresh flowery Aviation. The amount of literature I read on mixology is very comparable to the amount of maths I've read. And my cocktails are AWESOME - ask me for one the next time you see me :)

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